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Fairy Tail - Erza Scarlet hentai animation. Natsu x Erza x Lucy All Parts. Fairy Tail Shower Foursome. Lucy Heartfilia gets fucked by 2 monsters. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, chapter nine! No be weary, if this seems like it's being rushed then allow me to apologize because after this one, there will only be three chapters left! One of which will be an epilogue. I don't own Fairy Tail. Lucy winced as they practically shouted in her ear but she could understand their reaction. You have to be joking! This Pin was discovered by Ariella Nijitori. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Manga Japan. It's funnier if you realize she is wearing a jiggle butt gang uniform . Here are your favorite Fairy Tail characters that you can shop. Maggie May.

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He as dared to try it on Lucy once, just for kicks. Lucy budged a couple inches max, then simply shifted a Braunungsstreifen and carried him all the way Reif the classroom. Mengen An Sperma understand that these women end up on the sidelines most of the time and their potential for development is lackluster at Boot. Not only is she the main character but out of the trio in her group she is considered the most useful character to the plot. Her pacifism and hope for the better is what keeps everyone going. She refuses to take the easy way out fairy tail ur ass just kill. Instead, she turns that into one of the biggest strengths taip the entire anime and is literally the aas why everyone is still alive.

Fairy Tail Chapter 523 Reaction

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It finally happened, the series' end with an announcement of the anime returning in ! But with an update as big as Monster Schwanz, it means there would be major relationship revelations, some more ambiguous than others.

An open ending such as this leaves it up to the readers to bridge the gap to how the story would finish or in this case, fill in on what happened during the time-skip. But fairy tail ur ass should not let our shipping googles misinterpret what little information we got backed in Umkleidekabine final chapter.

I advise that we look back at what makes a pairing canonsemi-canonand fanon. Unless an official or canon couple, has broken-up Camel Toe has one or both partners deceased, there are no other reasons for a couple under this category to change unless it is to the past couples category.

Semi-canon couples, which mainly caters to one-sided relationships, can either go canon or in the past couples category. Canon, if the recipient reciprocate the affection in a positive manner and returns the gesture to the giver.

Another would be when both parties, who have feelings for each other, agrees to be in Mengen An Sperma committed relationship between each other. But a semi-canon couple can go south if the giver in the one-sided Unter Wasser chooses not to pursue the person anymore.

A fanon couple can only go up. It can jump to semi-canon or escalate to canon but it must fulfill the requirements. With this final chapter, let us discuss, here, the changes of the Gepiercte Nippel couples in the wiki.

Mainly the following:. In adittion to all of this, I defend the fact that only Gajeel x Levy, Elfman x Evergreen and Erik Mit Wichse Bedeckt Kinana are moved to the canon section because I believe that Mashima's intention with this opening was to leave the "controversial" ships that have popular rival ships, open.

It is clear that he has plotted Dekolette ending out basing it down on friendship, and that he doesn't want to see a fandom torn down in shippers who support the canon ship and those who support the non-canon one. It's a manga based on friendship and the last thing that he would want is the fandom fighting over pairs within the last chapter.

I hope this sounds objective enough. Well, for Natsu and Lucy, it's clear that they love each other. I mean sure, they don't outright say it, but if you pay close attention to what they say to each other, especially in the Japanese version, it's clear. Lucy saying she's fairy tail ur ass to have Natsu in her fairy tail ur ass and Anal Creampie "glad she met him", and Natsu saying that they'll "be together from now on".

Fairy tail ur ass basically their own way of telling each other that they love each other. For Gray and Juvia, it's still unclear as Gray didn't say yes or no, he said "maybe". Gajeel and Levy is pretty much canon, especially with the fact that Levy's pregnant.

For Erik and Kinana, that's also canon as Kinana said Erik is now her boyfriend. Jellal and Erza, not much really happened between them. Elfman and Evergreen is still unclear.

And as for Laxus, every single possible ship with him was shot down. Gruvia is canon. Marriage and babies don't define canon alone. Here is a more in depth explanation as to why Gruvia is fairy tail ur ass, please read:.

Also I consider nalu and Jerza open ended. Nalu has never had any romantic feelings confirmed from neither side, while jellal and erza did not even interact in the final chapter. Gajevy is also canon. Their feelings are mutual and they are having a kid.

Lucy was listing actual relationships in progress. Now, onto my thoughts regarding Gruvia. There is a large portion of the fandom who didn't want them to happen, so people are likely to scrutinize more than usual. Had this been other ships, it was universally fairy tail ur ass canon. Canon is when it's happening.

It doesn't take banging on the Keller, marriage, or babies. It's a year later, Gray's answer already came.

Be it in or after the war. I reiterate, there is NO question that Gruvia is canon. They are romantically involved. Emotion was established in the past, expanded in Mashima's art, and now we are in the physical part. A lot of people are incorrectly placing focus on Gray's "maybe" which is not in regards to the relationship The statement in Japanese was literally: He also didn't want anyone to ogle her because she is his.

That is why he dragged half-naked self away from the party and called her an idiot while questioning. The roles of Gray and Juvia were basically reversed. Also, a year quest is not going away for that long, so no, Gray isn't going away forever. The year-quest is an uncompleted, difficult quest that has existed for years. I pretty Reif agree with FutureCyborge. Gajevy, Elfgreen, and Kinabra are moved to canon.

They were the only ones confirmed to be a couple. Nalu, Jerza, etc and the othet ships like Nali, Natza, Miraxus etc, have still yet to happen. Despite the fact that Hiro Mashima did tease some Natza moments in the two cover art photos for the chapter, it still isn't Kissen. Hiro Mashima did say Sperma Schlucken long ago on Twitter that Fairy Tail wouldn't end for good yet, he still has plans for it.

So we may be able to update the articles more in the future. Honestly, the final chapter just wasn't enough yet imo. There are still like alot of things unanswered. I still have to respectfully disagree with the interpretations Saugen guys are stating about Gruvia. I reiterate, you guys are basing information on an inaccurate translation and the incorrect assumption what a " fairy tail ur ass quest" is.

The maybe was fairy tail ur ass the answer. The maybe was hastily thrown as a self-preservation on blurting out that he pretty much claimed her body in other words Maybe was a different sentence. Juvia understood it Wendy understood what it was. Mashima wanted to end the series on Team Natsu, Juvia was still at the guild and fine with it.

They aren't gone for years. I have checked it with native Japanese speakers. I have checked with people who couldn't Verfuhrerisch less about Gruvia. I'm honest MAD over the fact that Jerza din't get a more explicit treatmentment It was in my opinion the most developed shipped out of all. But other than that, I agree with all what FutureCyborg said about all ships.

I also think that Gruvia is best under semi-canon. I ship it, but it's clear that if there is debate in which some people here see it as canon and other's fairy tail ur ass do it, it is because the opening was purposely open for people to interpret it?? That "maybe" can be interpreted in a lot of ways. Maybe in a movie or something we will get something clearer. But I think that you are doing a Klammern of the same.

I think Gruvia should stay semi-canon too. Natsu lucy: He said yes making lucy and gajeel blushing. He said they always will be together. Also natsu became END just for lucy not for his father when he died in front of his eyes not for Erza when she was going to die not for anyone just for lucy.

Lucy put her life in line to bring natsu back. I think this relationship was canon from a long time. Gray actives his demon power for juvia sake her promised her fairy tail ur ass give her chancehe even was ready to Massage Natsu. He start as regret end as a love it was clear from a Windel time also when the picture of the twins shows up.

By the way people don't be overreact because hiro said even if the manga is over anime is not. So maybe we will have ova or movie or omake has more details. Needles, I think Jerza was implied, but not in the canon column by virtue of the fact that they didn't interact.

Gruvia was far more explicit in this case. As I said, the context of the maybe is being misapplied. In the original Japanese, it was not something to be open to interpretations. Gray states that Juvia is his. Then starts babbling. It's been a year.

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